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Set SMART Relationship Building Goals (GG003)

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to build better business relationships. The Relationship Building Goals & Objectives course takes learners through the process of articulating their long-term objectives and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals to create a personal roadmap for relationship building success.

This 15-minute interactive module with accompanying video and downloadable worksheet is based on the business relationship principles of ‘The Connector’s Way’ by author and speaker Patrick Galvin.

Course Objectives
- Identify the traits of expert relationship builders
- Differentiate long-term objectives from near-term goals
- Outline SMART goal setting
- Develop goals and objectives that meet the SMART criteria
- Grow relationship building confidence and skill

15 mins | SCORM |
  • Set SMART Relationship Building Goals
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed