Navigate Difficult Work Situations to Preserve Trust (056)
Trust Building
Navigate Difficult Work Situations to Preserve Trust (056)
Dealing with other people is not always easy, but in the workplace it is unavoidable. Inevitably, difficult or delicate situations will arise that have the potential to strain relationships and erode hard-won trust. Whether you are an employee,...
Develop a Relationship Building Mindset (GG001)
Mindset & Motivation
Develop a Relationship Building Mindset (GG001)
Strong relationships are the key to personal and professional success. People who build them are known as connectors. Connecting is a skilled activity that can be learned, improved, and measured. It all begins with your mindset. The Develop a...
Why Build Strong Relationships? (GG002)
Professional Development
Why Build Strong Relationships? (GG002)
Whether you want to advance your career, build a business, or grow a team, you need to build strong relationships and make meaningful connections. The Why Build Strong Relationships? course examines how the purpose, cause or belief that drives...
Set SMART Relationship Building Goals (GG003)
Productivity & Time Management
Set SMART Relationship Building Goals (GG003)
Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to build better business relationships. The Relationship Building Goals & Objectives course takes learners through the process of articulating their long-term objectives and breaking them down into...
Build More Strategic Relationships (GG004)
Professional Development
Build More Strategic Relationships (GG004)
When it comes to achieving goals and objectives, most people underestimate the depth and richness of their existing relationships. In this Strategic Relationship Building course, you will take a close and detailed look at your current connections...
Identify Relationship Building Patterns (GG005)
Diversity & Inclusion
Identify Relationship Building Patterns (GG005)
All relationships are important, but they are not all equal when it comes to helping you meet measurable goals and objectives. The Identify Relationship Building Patterns course examines patterns that translate into valuable self-knowledge that...
Create a Relationship Building Plan (GG006)
Productivity & Time Management
Create a Relationship Building Plan (GG006)
One of the biggest misconceptions about relationship building is that relationships should form spontaneously, i.e., that people who naturally like each other will somehow find each other. The Create a Relationship Building Plan course will show...
Connect with Confidence (GG007)
Networking & Connecting
Connect with Confidence (GG007)
Strong relationships are the key to personal and professional success. How you think and speak about yourself carries over to the way you connect with others to build those relationships. The Connect with Confidence course gives you practical...
Develop Your Personal Brand (GG008)
Professional Development
Develop Your Personal Brand (GG008)
Strong relationships are the key to personal and professional success. To build them, you must be clear on the knowledge, skills and gifts that are uniquely yours and how you can use them to help others succeed. The Build Your Personal Brand...
Connect with Your Best Self (GG009)
Professional Development
Connect with Your Best Self (GG009)
Strong relationships are the key to personal and professional success. The Connect with Your Best Self course will show you that the most important relationship you have is with yourself. You will learn how to prioritize your body and mind to...

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