Workplace Health & Harmony

Choose Curiosity to Reduce Team Conflict (GG061)

Dealing with other people is not always easy, but in the workplace it is unavoidable. Inevitably, disagreements will happen when you bring together people with different personalities, opinions, and values. In this course, Choose Curiosity to Reduce Team Conflict, you'll learn why conflict is natural and how to recognize its root causes. You'll also learn how to practice active curiosity to defuse tensions with your coworkers, teammates, or employees to create a more productive work environment.

This 15-minute interactive module with accompanying video and downloadable worksheet is based on the work of The Galvanizing GroupĀ® which operates on the philosophy that strong, trust-based relationships are the key to personal and professional success.

Course Objectives:
- Identify the causes behind workplace conflict
- Differentiate productive conflict from unproductive conflict
- Use curiosity to decrease potential misunderstandings
- Model techniques for addressing and resolving conflict at work
- Set the stage for stronger and more resilient relationships

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  • Choose Curiosity to Reduce Team Conflict
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