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Boost Your Social Fitness to Build Better Relationships (GG074)

In today's interconnected world, strong relationships are key to personal and professional success. This course, Boost Your Social Fitness to Build Better Relationships, delivers a combination of psychological insights and practical strategies that anyone can use to enhance their interpersonal skills and become more socially fit. Whether you're looking to strengthen your personal relationships, excel in your career, or expand your professional network, you'll learn how to navigate different social situations with confidence to create lasting, authentic connections.

This 25-minute interactive module with accompanying video and downloadable worksheet is based on the work of The Galvanizing GroupĀ® which operates on the philosophy that strong, trust-based relationships are the key to personal and professional success.

Course Objectives:
- Examine social fitness and the tangible benefits it can bring to your life and career
- Enhance emotional intelligence to create more empathetic and successful interactions
- Acquire practical skills to communicate clearly and confidently in various social settings
- Gain strategies for effective communication including active listening, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution
- Cultivate empathy and understanding to foster deeper, more meaningful connections
- Expand networking and relationship-building strategies, both online and offline
- Develop a social fitness action plan to reinforce the ability to build better relationships

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  • Boost Your Social Fitness to Build Better Relationships
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